Part Merge Issue

when merging parts from one part number to a new part number, the BOM and docs always carried over to the new part number. Now the BOM does not. Please fix asap.


old part number: ELA16/4 RISER PATCH CABLE 32FT

new part numbers; ELA702669

I had to fix this so i can keep moving forward but this happens everythime. Screen attached so you can see the issue.
old part number
new part number


I am trying to reproduce this, but so far have not been able to.

Can you tell me exactly where you are seeing the old bom part number, and what your process was when merging? This will ensure I am testing correctly, and looking in the right place.


Cetec ERP Support

go to part. click merge. type new part number and click merge.

Another user did one and the same thing happen. Labor plan moved but BOM didnt
i added the BOM so it is there now