Part Notification List

I have part notifications setup so that I receive an email when they are received.

Is it possible to have a feature that shows a list of all the parts that I created notifications for? Perhaps a natural place to have this feature would be in “My Profile” page? This would allow me to quickly manage all notifications.

Another feature that might be useful would be to sort parts into groups and allow part notifications to be setup for the entire group. For example, say part ID # 1 thru 10 are placed into a group called “Project 1”, then I would be able to setup a part notification for all the parts in “Project 1” instead of having to setup individual notifications for each part.

  • Jeremy

Hey Jeremy,

We do have a notification list where you can run a report on your notifications:

I can pass on your second suggestion for notifications for part groups (perhaps PRCs) along to engineering.


Cetec ERP Support