Part Record Screen / Column Customization


One efficiency that I see for my organization is allowing some level of customization for the Part Record screen.

For instance, our organization does not use the following fields in the ‘Part Data’ section:

  • Preferred Vendor
  • Weight
  • Width x Height x Depth
  • Default Transcode (not necessary for us to see)
  • Purchase UOM (it would always be in the same UOM as UOM field)
  • Schedule B
  • Tariff (HTS)
  • Tariff Description
  • Export (ECCN)

And so on, there are many more we just do not use. I understand these data fields are a part of the backbone of the part record but given our Inventory team works on these part record screens often, it would be nice to have some level of customization to hide a lot of these fields. Perhaps by allowing the Part Record screen to be a custom doc.

Additonally, there are some fields we would really like to change, for one the “OEM Part #” field - is it possible to change OEM Part # to IPS Part #? I know that OEM Part # is on the BOM export which is a field we really need for BOM exports; to work around this I created a bonus column called “IPS Part #” which can be used in BOM imports and other areas of Cetec, but cannot be outputted on the BOM export. When will it be possible to either change the name of these fields or allow bonus columns to be exported on BOM export?

Lastly, would it be possible to force certain part data fields to be required in order to create a part record successfully?

Overall if we could have the ability to customize the part record screen it would ensure more data entry consistency for our part data and is easier on the eye. Thanks! I hope this can be made possible.

Thank you for your suggestion. At this time we have no plans to add that type of customization to the Part screens. We will, however, pass your suggestion along to our product team for consideration.

Have a nice day!