Part Request Approval/Notification


When an individual requests a part under a work order (I am testing with 1657.1), there is not an option to send the request to a certain individual/role for approval. When the request is submitted, it is automatically sent to a user with the admin function in alphabetical order. I have tried using the ‘default_wh_picker_id’ config setting to send the request to certain users, but this has been unsuccessful.

Is there a way the individual requesting the part can select who to send the request to for approval? If not, how can I make sure part requests go to certain users/roles (other than admin)?


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I believe there is a way to have this part request get sent to a specific user for approval instead of defaulting to someone other than admin. I’ll get started testing this out and seeing if there are any config settings that need to be changed or altered in order to make this happen.
Do you have any users that you would like to have as an available option to send part requests for approval??

I’ll get back to you with an update & additional information for you as soon as I can!

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Great! That would be very appreciated. Ideally, I would like part requests to be sent to individuals based on their role (part request role or similar). However, users 8, 15 and 28 would be best to receive part requests for approval.



Has there been any progress made toward the above part request issue?

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I believe i’m utilizing the Config setting: “Part Request - Approval Username” to route the approval to an email address. I believe you can have more than 1 email address by separating with a comma.
Also, I have a few other email addresses in the “Part Request - Approval CC list” for those who get notification email that part requests were made…