Part Request - How to add component if it's not on the BOM?

On the work order 5140.1, we have a single SUB000001 that requires us to replace the part “RAW00034” that is already installed on the SUB000001. How do we capture this in CETEC? All i’m looking for is to add 1 piece of RAW000034 to the current WO 5140.1

I’d like to do a part request even if the part being requested is not on the BOM. If it put the RAW000034 part on the BOM, I wants me to use 100 pieces when i really only want 1.

so using Part Request, I found a way to do this by “hi-jacking” the “req more” button and type in a different part # (instead of using the part tied to the line item)., but I notice that once that new part is picked, it doesn’t show up in the parts list or Details/Serials as part added to the order…


For example, on 5220.1 (/order/AE5220.1/part_details), I hijacked the SWP000012 “req more” button to request the part MED000010. See part Request 83 (…/otd/partrequest/83/edit). But it doesn’t shows up on correctly in the Details/Serials page of 5220.1. It shows up as a SWP000012 but the rest of the line matches MED000010.

Any ideas on how to capture part reuqests for WO? I’m closing out this one soon (/order/AE5202.1/view) and don’t seem to see Part Requests # 81 & 82 on the Work order…

@regisphilbin The part requests are meant to be used explicitly for parts already on the build, typically due to scrap.

Is the part you’re trying to add the the build an alternate/synonym for one of the existing parts? We do support subbing out sysnonym parts on builds: How To Use Part Synonyms in Cetec ERP

If that’s not the case then I think adding the part to the tempbom is still your best bet. It’s interesting that the system is trying to make you use 100 if that’s not the qty/top being entered. Can you provide us any examples of where that’s happening?