Part Request increasing temporary BOM qty for additional parts not requested.

We have a situation with order number 7708.1 Line: 10. We requested more wire WEU-2019-BLACK and WEU-2019-RED. After we refreshed the parts list, the system actually increased the Qty per on AMP1-480424-0 and MOL43025-1600. I verified on the Part Request screen that those 2 components were not listed and only the Wire was actually requested. I have screen shots before and after as I watched the user go through the process live to verify myself.

@robinl You should be able to correct that order by unpicking those parts, editing the qty per top on the tempbom (…/bomquote/9192/view), and then you can repick the correct qtys.

Since you were watching the user go through that process, is this something that you all can reproduce? Can you create a test order for us to take a look at? And tell us step by step what led up to the problem?

Ok… was able to create a test order for this part. Order number is 7814.1-1 I just requested more WIR WEI-2019-BLACK. After I submitted that part request, it increased the qty on the temporary BOM for the AMP1-480424-0 from 1 to 2. Feel free to check the Parts Requests screen or look at the order and test it yourself. (I didn’t do a test for requesting more of the WEU-2019-RED component but I suspect if you do that one you may see the qty required on the MOL43025-1600 goes from 1 to 2.)

@robinl i think this has to do with the components on that BOM having the same component #s.

If you look at the componentns list (…/otd/order/158596/tempbom) the componnents WIRWEU-2019-BLACK and AMP1-480424-0 are both shown as component #1, and WIRWEU-2019-RED and MOL43025-1600 are both number two.

A good way to test this, since you already have the test order set up, would be to change the component numbers on that tempbom so that each component has a unique number, then do another part request and see if it increases the other part need as well.

Is there any particular reason the components are numbered that way?

Mystery solved… I have no idea how this BOM has morphed as it was created causing this duplication. There is no reason the components should include duplicates and I’ve asked Sales to correct it. Thanks so much!!!

Glad that cleared it up for you!

We did let our engineering team know about this, and will have a fix that gets pushed out once it passes testing that will prevent this issue from occurring if you happen to have other BOMs with duplicate component numbers in the future.