Part Request increasing temporary BOM qty for additional parts not requested.

We have a situation with order number 7708.1 Line: 10. We requested more wire WEU-2019-BLACK and WEU-2019-RED. After we refreshed the parts list, the system actually increased the Qty per on AMP1-480424-0 and MOL43025-1600. I verified on the Part Request screen that those 2 components were not listed and only the Wire was actually requested. I have screen shots before and after as I watched the user go through the process live to verify myself.

@robinl You should be able to correct that order by unpicking those parts, editing the qty per top on the tempbom (…/bomquote/9192/view), and then you can repick the correct qtys.

Since you were watching the user go through that process, is this something that you all can reproduce? Can you create a test order for us to take a look at? And tell us step by step what led up to the process?