Part Request Notification

Is there a setting to be able to notify someone in our warehouse when a new part request is created?

Either by email notification to everyone with default location “Warehouse” or an audible sound on the computer if we leave the “Part Request” screen on?

It is possible, though it requires a bit of extra legwork/setup to make happen.

  1. In your config settings, “Part Request - Require Approval If Value Is Greater Than” has to be set. If you want every part request to require approval, then just set it to .01 or some other very low value
  2. Go back and create a new part request. This is needed to cause a couple of other configs to become available
  3. In your config settings you should now have “Part Request - Approval Username” and “Part Request - Approval CC List” where you can set the user who should be getting the notifications, as well as any other email addresses that should be copied

One other thing to note here, these configs can also be set per location, as shown in the config settings by the ones that display as [config] - [location code]. If you want all approvals to go through one user, then just set the main settings without the location codes. Or if you want different users at each warehouse to handle this, then you can set those, you’ll just have to create a new part request from each location in order to have that locations settings show up.