Part Request & Relieving Inventory

We are experiencing same issue. Product picked via Part request is not showing up in the Part Record. An example: In request no 249, we have picked item# 105-185-2PS-4A from 2 bins. If you go to part record, Its doesn’t show any product picked from bin 6-5-8 or 3-3-3.
Kindly fix this issue.


We’d love to look in to this for you, unfortunately the order in question is closed and so it’s difficult to verify exactly what happened on the pick records.

The details on invoice for that order, …/invoice/4545/part_details, do show that only 10000 of that part were consumed for the order, not 11178 as it would be if you count total ship qty+scrap/part request.

Our suspicion is that someone may be editing the pick screen after the part request is picked. Typically what would happen is this:

  • Order is made that requires 100 of part-A
  • Qty 100 of part-A is picked
  • Production creates request for x number more of part for whatever reason, lets say 5 in this example
  • Qty 5 of part-A is picked on the part request. Now, on the pick parts screen of the order, the total picked qty will show overpicked to 105, which is correct. A total of 105 of this part have been picked on this order.
  • The order is then completed, and if you look at the details of the invoice you’ll see the total of 105 of part-A consumed, 100 to ship and 5 scrap.

Our suspicion is that someone may be seeing the overpick as a result of the part request, and then manually adjusting the pick qty after that.

Do you have any open orders with part requests that you think may not be passing the pick qty through correctly?

@cetecerp13 Yes here is an example.
We created part request# 249 in which we issue 1530 qty. against order#1206.1-5. 1178 piece from 006-005-008 and 352 piece 003-003-003. Now the order line has been closed. But qty still shows in the pick part list.