Part Request & Relieving Inventory

We entered 4 part requests entered last week with a reason type (Vendor Defective Part) that is set up as Inv Change Type Id = 3 (which is supposed to adjust inventory immediately). Even though the part requests are complete and closed, it does not seem that inventory has been updated. We picked a total of 10 pieces for the same order and the part record does not show inventory relieved by that amount. In addition, the Component Data for the order does not indicate that there were an additional 10 pieces picked over the qty required. We even checked back today to see if it would reflect updated after the order was invoiced and it doesn’t.

Also, we were wondering why these wouldn’t reflect on the Part view screen (similar to how they are listed with the link to the line picked) showing the inventory adjustment with the order picked or related Part Request link prior to the order being invoiced? In addition, if you go to the History screen for the part, these part requests are not reflected either for the order that has shipped/been invoiced.

Hi Robin,

Thanks for jumping into the forum! Let me take a look at this for you. Thank you for all the information as well, I’m seeing your data maintenance setup and part requests for that particular ID.

I’m going to test in my dummy environment and get back to you as soon as I can.