Part Requests Not Shown in History/Traceability

Dear Cetec Team,

I have encountered a situation that I believe to be an issue, where parts picked through a “Part Request” (made outside of a work order) do not show up in the History/Traceability of said part. That is here:

I believe that since a part is picked and relieved from inventory this should be reflected in said part’s receipt section under history/traceability.

Just to clarify, I am going to “Production>Part Request List” creating a new part request and assigning it a reason with an “inventory shortage reason” such that the inventory count is updated once picked and fulfilled. After that, the inventory count is changed, and it is possible to see the change in the bin history of the item, but not in the receipt. However, based on this, I don’t know why the change isn’t reflected in the History/Traceability list of the item’s receipt, or if there is a config setting I can enable to show the change there.

Kind regards and thank you for the help,


Unfortunately we don’t currently have this functionality. We will be rewriting the part request module in the near future and we will be sure to consider this during the rewrites to see if we can add this. If you need to see where the part request removed qty you can view the inventory activity for the bin and it will show you the part request.

Please let me know if you have more questions.


Cetec ERP Support