Part Revision Updates in Assembly BOMs

Hello Cetec team, I have a question regarding part revisions. Is there a setting in Cetec that would allow an updated revision to a part to automatically be updated in all BOMs that use the previous revision of the part? Thanks for your time.


So you can do this for a top level part, using an eco, but if it is a sub in other boms, then you also have to do an eco, or change the sub, on those parts as well. Let me know if this makes sense.


Cetec ERP Support


I found an alternative to having subs new revs update to boms they are on. If you go to the bom part record, on the left push bom data +, and edit bom. You will see the subs listed with the revision, if you set this to ‘unset’ when you update a sub revision it will also update on all boms that have the sub set to ‘unset’.

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