Partial PO Receipts

Hi guys,

Just a question from my purchasing team. If a PO is only partially received, will it not show under PO History until it is fully received? If so, is this new? We hadn’t noticed this before and it is throwing us off when we are looking. For example today, we received a partial of part INTSNJ30L28 on PO 8027.1. The receipt is there, the inventory is there, it shows under History for the part, the PO History does not show it.



Let me take a look into this and see what I can see. I’ll get back to you with more info.

Cetec ERP Support

Hi, Kelly,

Okay, I talked this over with one of our engineers and it sounds like that is normal functioning. The PO History report is designed to show only closed lines (fully received), while the PO Receipts report also includes partially received lines.

Cetec ERP Support

One more thing: I also noticed a handy reminder at the top of the PO History report:

Great! Thank you! I saw that button, but I guess we don’t partially receive very often and therefore we weren’t sure if it was a new future. I appreciate your quick reply!!

Glad to help!