Partially Paid PO

PO#1590.1 required a deposit which we vouchered and paid (Cetec ERP) we now are trying to pay the remaining balance for this po but we can not tie the payment to the PO. When you try and attach the PO to the voucher nothing comes up. Here is the voucher for the remaining balance Cetec ERP


Try and reopen the PO and see if that works.

Let us know if it doesn’t and we can help you furthur.

That does not work. Also this would not be possible if something had already picked or invoiced.


So it looks like because you attached PO/receipt 1590.1 for $23,500 to Voucher 2911 (the deposit voucher for $9,400), there isn’t a PO/receipt to attach.

Voucher 3179 should be charged to a/c 523240 (same as Voucher 2911) and you can reference PO 1590.1 and Voucher 2911 in Internal Notes.

For future reference, you can just create a Check from Check Register to the vendor and charge a prepayment account, then create a Debit Memo to the vendor for that prepayment.

Then when they’re invoiced, create the Voucher for the full amount and attach the PO/receipt. The ‘net’ payable is the Voucher (full amount) less the Debit Memo (deposit amount)

Also, you can review this How-To How To Process Upfront Payments & Prepayments To Vendors

Let us know if you have more questions!