Payment Applied but Invoice not Paid

I have an invoice that was prepaid. The order shows the payment but not the invoice.
On the AR Payment screen, the Unapplied cash is showing used - $0 available and that it was applied to invoice 14332.1-1 but 14332.1-1 is showing $0 previously paid and full balance owed.

Hello Jennifer,

There are three issues:
AR Pmt 7862 on 8/4/22 is still open/not completed.
Unapplied cash 319 is checked ‘included’ as applying to Invoice 14332.1-1 on AR Pmt 7862, which is why it is showing as used/$0 available.
Invoice 14332.1-1 is not checked ‘included’, and so this incomplete payment is not resulting in applying the ‘included’ Unapplied cash 319 towards that Invoice.
You can check the ‘include’ box next to the Invoice 14332.1-1, make sure the amounts are reconciling with the Applied Value, click ‘Update’ and then ‘Payment Complete’ buttons to complete the payment.
Please reply as to whether this issue is resolved.
It is possible that GL Lock Date in config settings may not allow you to update this 8/4/22 AR Pmt. If so, reply here so we can recommend an alternate remedy to resolve your issue.

Thank you!