PDF Renderings

It looks like PDF renderings changed recently? We have locally hosted version 4.061 and the formatting of PDFs is totally different and difficult to read–all the column data is smashed together and looks like run-on characters.




I went in and looked at how the pdfs are showing up. In comparing your two screenshots and looking in the site, I think all that needs to be done to get that second screenshot to look as uncluttered as the first would be to hide columns.

If you go to the left side menu and click the PDF/Export link (not the “(Quick)” link next to it) you can check and uncheck columns to show on the pdf and then click “Set Columns.”

Let us know if that doesn’t get you there. In talking with the engineers, it sounds like there were no changes made to the pdfs in this latest release of the software.


Cetec ERP Support

So funny thing, here is what 2447.1 renders today after rebooting the locally hosted server:

It is definitely rendered differently with the same columns displayed–border around the “Ship to” title block; logo in a different location; font and spacing on the line items is different (and typical); no vertical white line between column text on the line items.


I plan to send this over to the engineers to get more information from them. So, to confirm, what is different about the pdf now, as compared to before is:

-There’s a border around the header area.
-The logo moved. (Where was it before?)
-The font and spacing on the line items is different. (What did it look like before? What did you mean when you said, “(and typical)”?)
-There’s no longer a vertical white line between column text on the line items.

Did I get that right?

Let me know the answers to the questions above, let me know approximately when you noticed the change, and then I’ll get this over to the engineers.


Cetec ERP Support

The best COA would be to review unredacted PDFs of the “good” and “bad” PDF renderings. I emailed those to the bugs@cetec email address.