PDF Unsent


I have a user who cannot send PDF’s from either her home or work PC. Please see the error below:

Her co-workers can perform this function just fine. Any help you can send our way would be appreciated.

Hi @tim.heeley

A few questions.

1- is she using Google Chrome?

2- Have you checked email settings in her user profile? Is there any difference between what you find in her user profile settings versus her co-workers’ user profile settings?


I haven’t checked the email settings, but I will and compare against any other employee. Is Chrome problematic, or is that the browser of choice? Either way, any plug ins that need to be removed/added to make this work?


@tim.heeley - Chrome is the browser of choice.

There are no other plugins that should be needed.

Hopefully if you can get her user profile settings in-line with other co-workers settings, that should resolve it.