Phantom Quotes Created/Assigned by User

I have a user, terrencel, who is not in Sales and doesn’t do quotes that has Quotes showing up in his task list. For example, it is showing Quotes #6880 and 6891 as Pending Approval by him and when we click on the link it opens blank quotes for those items in Quote/Order Worksheet page. However, if I use the Quote list and enter that number in Quote ID and select Status = Open, Closed, & Pending nothing displays on the list. If I type 6880 in the top right search box it returns Quote 6880 and will open the blank quote.

@robinl The fact that those quotes don’t show up on the list is a little unusual, and something we’ll take to our engineering team for review.

As far as those quotes being on Terrence’s list, it looks like Terrence created them somehow, though it’s not clear how. However, you should be able to close them and remove them from Terrence’s tasks list by clicking the link to go to the quote records, clicking quoting tools on the left hand side, and then close quote.

@robinl We discussed this with our engineering team. The root of the reason those quotes weren’t showing has to do with how we display customer data on the quotes list. The issue you saw, trying to search the list for a quote with no assigned customer, is the only situation where you would ever notice that it’s a problem. The quotes do still show other places (like the tasks list and global search, as you noted) and can be accessed that way.

We do have a change to the customers list coming in the next version of Cetec that should eliminate this problem altogether. In the meantime, as long as you’re making sure to set the customer on the quote as soon as it’s created you shouldn’t run in to this again.