pick parts screen issue

not sure why but when your in the parts pick screen, the work order location at the bottom next to the update location and/or pick parts does not show where the order is currently. peopel are accidentally moving to a location in the system because of this error.

order 23164.1-1 has a current location of kitting (see image production view screen)

but the pick parts is showing traveler created. So when the employee is picking the material and they dont pay attention that this screen isnt matching the production view, they are accidentally moving the work order in the system to a different location. (see parts pick image)

This behavior is not consistent. Some work order dispaly correctly. it has always match in both screens for the past 3-4 years showing the current location. This issue is very new.

Hi Joe @ElectricalAccess,

I logged into your instance to see if I could review, but the order no longer appeared open. Do you have any other examples I can look into? When this occurs does it seem isolated to specific boms/ labor plans?

Thank you,

Cetec ERP Support

this order is still open.


Hi Joe @ElectricalAccess,

I was able to locate it with the link, thank you. It had not populated for me as I was using the old domain - elecacc. To confirm, is the main issue here with the work location showing the incorrect next location? Looking at your screenshot of the pick screen, it is suggesting the next location as Traveler Created rather than Kitting Complete.

I’m working on loading a backup into a test site in order to investigate further.

Cetec ERP Support

no, this is supposed to be displaying the current location. Most work order displaying the location that it is currently in. A few show a different lcoation that is defitnely not next in the order of operations in the labor plan. Liek this one. This one is displaying wrong

Hi Joe @ElectricalAccess,

I was able to do some testing and forward some examples to our engineering team. I received information that we are working on implementing a fix for this.

Thank you,
Cetec ERP Support

thank you

i was wondering tif there was a fix for this as this issue is still causing alot of issues.

The issue here should be resolved now. The orders were moved to the proper location based on history but there was a display issue at the top where the current location was shown.

Is there an open order you are still seeing this issue with?


the only issue i see now is that an order that is in a location that is not in the labor plan. When in the pick parts screen, it doesnt show that location, it will onyl show the labor plan lcoations. Is there a way to show the speciifc location that is not in the labor plan.

ex 23566.12-1 Cetec ERP
current lcoation is the “eubanks” in the production view
in the pick parts screen, that isnt an option even though that is where it current is. So when we pick parts it is forcing us to change locations even though we want it to stay in “eubanks”

see pictures

Just following up on this as this is really being a huge pain