pick parts screen issue

not sure why but when your in the parts pick screen, the work order location at the bottom next to the update location and/or pick parts does not show where the order is currently. peopel are accidentally moving to a location in the system because of this error.

order 23164.1-1 has a current location of kitting (see image production view screen)

but the pick parts is showing traveler created. So when the employee is picking the material and they dont pay attention that this screen isnt matching the production view, they are accidentally moving the work order in the system to a different location. (see parts pick image)

This behavior is not consistent. Some work order dispaly correctly. it has always match in both screens for the past 3-4 years showing the current location. This issue is very new.

Hi Joe @ElectricalAccess,

I logged into your instance to see if I could review, but the order no longer appeared open. Do you have any other examples I can look into? When this occurs does it seem isolated to specific boms/ labor plans?

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Cetec ERP Support

this order is still open.


Hi Joe @ElectricalAccess,

I was able to locate it with the link, thank you. It had not populated for me as I was using the old domain - elecacc. To confirm, is the main issue here with the work location showing the incorrect next location? Looking at your screenshot of the pick screen, it is suggesting the next location as Traveler Created rather than Kitting Complete.

I’m working on loading a backup into a test site in order to investigate further.

Cetec ERP Support

no, this is supposed to be displaying the current location. Most work order displaying the location that it is currently in. A few show a different lcoation that is defitnely not next in the order of operations in the labor plan. Liek this one. This one is displaying wrong

Hi Joe @ElectricalAccess,

I was able to do some testing and forward some examples to our engineering team. I received information that we are working on implementing a fix for this.

Thank you,
Cetec ERP Support

thank you

i was wondering tif there was a fix for this as this issue is still causing alot of issues.

The issue here should be resolved now. The orders were moved to the proper location based on history but there was a display issue at the top where the current location was shown.

Is there an open order you are still seeing this issue with?


the only issue i see now is that an order that is in a location that is not in the labor plan. When in the pick parts screen, it doesnt show that location, it will onyl show the labor plan lcoations. Is there a way to show the speciifc location that is not in the labor plan.

ex 23566.12-1 Cetec ERP
current lcoation is the “eubanks” in the production view
in the pick parts screen, that isnt an option even though that is where it current is. So when we pick parts it is forcing us to change locations even though we want it to stay in “eubanks”

see pictures

Just following up on this as this is really being a huge pain

Hi Joe,

The pick parts screen will only show the locations included in the labor plan, similar to the locations that show on the workorder below “Move Location”. Two options moving forward with the first being adding Eurbanks to the labor plan if the job is actually status here. The second option to prevent this scenario from occurring is to set the config “valid_location_changes_only” to 1, which would prevent the ability for the location being changed to one outside the labor plan manually from the “Current Location”. You may or may not want to go this route depending on why this order was set at that location, but the idea with picking parts is they should only be picked from a location within the order plan.


Cetec ERP Team

This is intentionally put in that location. This issue is sporadic. I think you missing what i am saying.

Here is an example of it working correctly. Showing “short shelf” which is correct.

Here is an example of it not working correcting. Showing “traveler created”, should say “short shelf”

both have locations that exist in the labor plan. This is new with one of the last releases. For the last 7 years this has worked fine. Something changed recently.

Hi Joe,

I see what you are saying. I did some testing and it looks as though if the location is changed using the Current Location (See All) button, then the pick parts screen does not default to the current location. When I test by changing the location using the ‘Move to Next’ button on the workorder screen, the location will display correctly.

I created an internal escalation with our engineering requesting that the Pick Parts screen will default to the current location regardless of where the location is changed from. As I have more information I’ll be in touch.

Cetec ERP Support

Hi Joe,

I wanted to provide an update. Our engineers our aware of the issue and will work to have this function differently in the future. In the short term we are going to add an alert to the pick parts page that will show the user when the location was changed using the See All link and let them know they may need to manually adjust the location on the pick parts screen.

One suggestion in the mean time until it gets corrected is to make sure your team is changing locations using the Move to Next button which will avoid the issue with the pick parts screen showing a different location.

Cetec ERP Support

I see you guys implemented the notification in the pick parts screen. This is ok. The problem we currently have is Cetec has changed the way this screen works. We have been doing the same thing for the past 5 years with no issues and now that this is changed, none of our labor plans support the business model we set up when first started with Cetec.

Here is our dilemma. We have set up all of our labor plans set to hit production, which is in the default labor plan of every part number that has a BOM. We determine based on available people and complexity of the job which department it needs to go to. (simple, complex, panel) These three locations are not in our default plan. We have never had a problem using the “see all” and moving them to those locations. We have been doing it for 5 years. Recently when Cetec changed the part pick screen behavior, we can no longer pick material without the screen automatically moving it to a random location that is in the labor plan.

We need a fix to this that holds the location the work order is currently in, in all screens, no matter what. Like it used to be before this change. I think this problem is more complex than what you guys think I am saying. Feel free to schedule a call or zoom/teams with me and I can show you our problem in depth and try to figure out how to get it back the old way.

Otherwise, we have a ton of labor plans that will be affected by this problem recently created by a new Cetec change that we have no control over and need to fix asap.


i think the issue orgiante from the Release To Pick screen

warehouse->release to pick->release build orders

This is how we print all work orders and move them in bulk to start the produciton on each assembly.

First location of all orders : doc control (unreleased orders)
second location of all order - traveler created

Both of these locations were set up by cetec when we first start 5 years ago.

then from traveler created - it can be moved into any location. all locations are seen in the drop down at this point . which is what we want.

I am thinking somehow there is a glich that messed up some behind the sceens in your programming world that makes the pick parts screen not dispaly correclty.


here is one working correctly.

Order is currently located in complex. Complex is not in the labor plan

work order Cetec ERP

pick parts Cetec ERP

here are more problems still

this order is located in the short shelf, which is in the labor plan but the pick parts screen message says it isnt… The pick parts screen is displaying “traveler created”.

actual current location is short shelf (again it is actually in the labor plan)

just following up on this issue. we know the issue stems from order being moved from the warehouse-> release to pick → release build orders. Do you have a fix for this yet?