Picking Alternative Parts for Builds


I’ve been looking into ways to incorporate something that will allow me to build and invoice a finished good with alternative parts and need help.

The crosses feature seems to only be for reference and I looked into part spec groups but when I select the group for the specific part I cannot pull the other parts that I’ve included in the spec group.

I need to be able to to pull inventory for multiple alternatives in a build. For example, my build is 6000 and to build it I need 6000 of PART A but for inventory I have 3000 PART A and 3000 PART A1 both are interchangeable parts but are purchased differently. Is there a way to combine both when building because as it stands now I cannot build the finished good without adding more inventory of PART A but that would leave me with 3000 of PART A1 sitting in stock and not being flushed out, skewing inventory count and total inventory value.

It almost like I need a way to see sub items when picking parts for the build to fulfill needed quantity. Similar to how you can select which BIN your inventory is coming from. Like PART A is the main component and below you something like this…


  • PART A1
  • PART A2
  • PART A3
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Hi @zculp,

I believe part synonyms might be closer to what you’re looking for.

The benefit here is that an order tempbom and MRP will both show a part as having synonyms, and so as needed the part can be swapped out on the tempbom for the alternate to fulfill the build requirements.

Let us know if you have any additional questions about it!


Thank you the part synonyms worked out with our builds.
I believe I was over thinking the situation…