PO Shows Created but can not receive

PO has been created but can not receive against it. Tells me to create the PO but than says it’s already created. Can’t receive materials. Please help. Cetec ERP

Looks like I’m having that issue with all open purchase orders. Here is another one: Cetec ERP

@kwall222 Let us take a look and see if we can determine what the issue is.
We’ll get back to you about it as soon as we can.

In your first link, that PQuote was already closed/converted to a PO, [cetec url]/purchaseorder/1236/view
Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 8.47.48 AM
Subsequently, it looks like that PO is also closed, because the linked lines from the sales order are closed. If you need to, you should be able to clone the PQuote and generate a new PO that way.

Same thing with the PO from your second link, that PO is closed because the linked sales order line was closed. If you need to, navigate back to the PQuote on the left side of the PO, clone the PQuote, and process a new PO.

Hope that clears this up a bit for you, let us know if you have additional questions about it.