PO Show's Unpaid/Unvouchered. PO has been fully paid.

I’ve looked at the other topic that is similar to my topic but that does not answer my question as the PO shows an unpaid/unvouchered amount that has been linked to the PO. I’ve attached pictures to show the issue. Can you please review and advise.

Hi @kwall222, that is odd. From what I can see the PO should be showing as completely closed.
Let us look in to this a bit more closely and we’ll update you once we have more info.

@kwall222 Kris, looks like the reason the unpaid/unvouchered amount isn’t being calculated correctly is because the associate voucher is for multiple POs.

If you go to the PO and hover your mouse over the paid and unpaid amounts you’ll see the tooltips we include that explain that vouchers with multiple POs will caused issues with the displayed amounts on the PO.
Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 2.29.03 PM
Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 2.29.08 PM

The takeaway here is that the PO is actually totally paid, and what we’re seeing is in line with what we’d expect because of the multiple POs on the voucher. If you want to avoid this with future POs, you’ll want to make separate vouchers for each PO, and then if needed you can combine multiple vouchers for the same vendor on to one Payment to the vendor.

Hope that helps clear this up for you!

OK. Thank you. But there was multiple vouchers for the same PO. It doesn’t appear that I have another PO on the vouchers associated with this PO. We used Voucher 905 to pay only PO 519.1 in the amount of $180,000. We used Voucher 629 to pay only PO 519.1 in the amount of $78,026. Payment for Voucher 905 does not show up on the PO screen for 519.1. Screen shots attached.

The same holds true of the payments being for multiple vouchers.
Because Payment 443 is for two vouchers, 905 and 906, that will also affect the way the payment data is shown on the PO record.