Possible bug when creating quotes

We noticed an issue when creating quotes that the “Ext. Net” cost on the BOM worksheet doesn’t seem to scale correctly:

As you can see, the first component in the BOM has a huge cost. I added the exact same part again in line 3, and it looks like it scales correctly. Is there a reason that it is pulling a higher cost by default or is this a bug?

Hi @joev,

I took a look at Quote 51 and it looks as though the difference in the scap factor between the two lines is causing the difference. If you click into the pencil icon on the first line you will see the 15% scap factor, which is not also on item 3.


Cetec ERP Support

OK, so then I think the bug is actually in the communication between the Edit Revision BOM page and the BOM worksheet on the quote. As you can see here, I set up lines 1 and 3 to be the same component. I gave line 1 a scrap factor of “.15” and line 3 a scrap factor of “15%”. The Ext cost shows the same for both, but it looks like the BOM Worksheet does not recognize the percent sign and instead uses a scrap factor of “15”.

At least we have a solution… Just enter scrap factors as decimals.

Thanks for the help!

Hi Joe,

Glad you are able to get the amount you need by adding the scrap factor of .15. I was doing some calculations and when using the % in the scrap factor field, Cetec is grabbing the percentage of the top level qty, then multiplying it by the line qty for the scrap factor percentage. It then adds that to scrap factor to the original qty amount to give you ext, net value. Hope this is helpful!

Cetec ERP Support

I thought this was solved but there is 1 more small issue. It seems right now that scrap factor is added to the QtyperTop. Is there a way to make it multiplied instead?