Possible to Allow users to export BOM without giving them "Accounting" role?

It seems as if the only way to let managers “export” BOM’s is to give them an “Accounting” role? i’m not sure this makes sense so I’m wondering if I’m setting his roles incorrectly…

It’s for this user (…/user/53/edit) on this page: (…/part/3620/export_bom_splash). when i test his access control, it says " User can access function" but when exporting, the error pops up “error: User can’t see cost”

Please let me know what the minimum privileges are so that this person would have the ability to export BOMS


I apologize for the delay on this. That doesn’t sound right! Are you still having this issue? If so could you give access to your environment so we could take a look? You can also send an email to support@cetecerp.com as you upgraded support plans.


Cetec ERP Support