Possiblte to edit WorkflowStages for RMA's?

Can I update the WorkflowStages for RMAHeader?

Currently, it’s setup with the following states (pending approval, approval, review and deleted). I’d like to change the workflow up a bit so that we can capture different states in the “History” section of the RMA log…

Hi, Regis!

You can do that. One quirk of the system is that, if you decide to add a new workflow stage, it overwrites the existing workflow stages, so you’ll need to re-enter them in addition to adding the new stage(s).

  • Go to Admin > Maintenance > Data Maintenance and go to WorkflowStage at the bottom of the list.

  • Enter the new workflow stage you want to add, type in a description, and under Object Type, enter RMA.

  • Re-enter the workflow stages that already existed: Approved, Deleted, Pending Approval, Review.

  • And of course, hit that orange Submit button at the bottom.

Let us know if that doesn’t resolve it for you.

Have a great day, Regis,
Cetec ERP Support