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On 2023-01-25 one of our users imported an excel sheet and he claims the qty was 6 but after importing it the Qty changed to 1. I looked at the Usage Logs and i don’t see the Qty data. Can you please advise what could have caused this to happen. User error ?


Without seeing the document they used to import I can’t tell much, I will send you an email to get that document.

okay i have the document ready

did you get my email? If you reply to that with the documentation I can look into it. Thanks!

I did not get your email

I double checked the email address I sent it to, can you check your spam?

No, I didn’t receive any spam or junk email.


I tested importing that document and could import it and have all the qtys set to the correct number and stay at the right number. I would make sure the user it setting the headers and double-checking them when importing, I ran usage logs as well, I do see a lot of lines being edited on that quote. If the qtys were set in the snapshot before you finalize import, they should transfer just fine. From what I can tell this was probably a user error. Please reach out if you have more issues importing and are seeing this become a reoccurring issue.

Thank you

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