For some reason for the following Prcpart:


the system automatically generated 38 separate Pquotes


Here is just one of the 38:


Our purchasing already placed their order to replenish our inventory. Can you explain why this happened?

Hi @spilkington,
That definitely seems unusual. Let us look and see if we can provide any sort of insight in to what generated those PQuotes.

Best we can find for you here is that the server definitely received the requests to generate those PQuotes. You can see that for yourself in you usage log under Admin > Logs > Usage Log. If you just search “/pquote” and go back to the date/time the PQuotes were created (2021-01-29 11:35:18 looks to be the 1st) you’ll find a group of entries that all happened within 3 seconds of each other that created these.

Beyond that we don’t have much insight. Maybe check with the user listed for those actions (jennb) and see if anything unusual occurred at that time. Could be a browser or computer glitch of some sort that caused multiple submissions back-to-back. Was there anything unusual that they can recall that may help explain this? Beyond knowing what was logged in the system, we’re not going to be able to diagnose much further.

If you do find out what might have happened with that user, let us know! Otherwise, keep an eye on it and reach out if this occurs again.