PQuote Terms

In the Config settings, there are variables to customize the PDFs that are generated for:

  • Vendor PO (po_terms)
  • Customer Quote (quote_terms)
  • Customer Invoice (invoice_terms)
  • Customer Order Acknowledgement (order_terms)
  • Customer RMA (rma_terms)

This is great but we have found that it would be very useful to have a PQUOTE terms variable so that we can define a pre-defined footer/message on the PQuote PDF including standard terms and conditions as well as flow-downs.

Hey Greg,

Thanks for reaching out to Cetec on this topic! That’s a good idea I’m going to send this on to our engineering tunnel for consideration on this. Is this something that you would want to be developed and implemented into your environment? If so I can reach out to them and get an estimate on what this would cost & the estimated hours it would take.

Again thank you for the good idea!

Cetec ERP Support

This seems like it would be a standard feature, particularly as it is already deployed around all the other contract-formation PDFs coming out of Cetec.

Hey Greg,

I relayed this request on over to our engineering team and they got back to me with an update! This’ll be in the next release - you’ll see a config value pquote_terms in your settings to populate that!

Let me know if you’ve got any other questions!

Cetec ERP Support

Great and thank you. Appreciate Cetec listening to user feedback, as always.