PQuote wont allow one time tooling set up.

Hi, I am entering my first PQuote. It’s a simple one one item which has a part number. The other on a tooling one off charge. I have followed instructions (including ticking Non-Inventory) but when I press “OK” it all data disappears. Any one else seen this issue?


Have you created a part number for the tooling charge as well?

E.g. create a new PRC code called “NON”, then a new part number called NON TOOLING CHARGE

Then, mark that Prcpart number as non-inventory.

Then, add that Prcpart as a line item to the PQuote Line.

Give that a try and see if that works? Let us know if that helps.


I carried out the above suggestions, and they have worked. I have now set up a number of non inventory codes as our purchasing of external manufactured designs currently always needs some design work and set up charges. That’s the first PO raised, now onwards to the next.
Once again thanks for the quick response.

Glad to hear, good luck @Denis !