pre-control Charts - How To use?

I saw this “document” type " PreControl Charts ([edit]" under the Work Order Documents and I was curious how it can be set up? How does CETEC Manage the data/data entry and chart the results?

Per google Searches, "Pre-control charts are used to monitor process performance by comparing actual results against specifications. They provide a visual representation of whether processes are within specification limits.

They use specification limits instead of statistically-derived control limits to determine process capability over time. They can be used during the initial setup process when you do not have enough data to calculate the process control limits.

The purpose of pre-control charts is to show if a process is operating within its specification at any given point in time and to indicate when it will fail or exceed its specification limit."


Good question! I’ve escalated this question within our team and I’ll get back to you with an update on what I learn.

Cetec ERP Support


I checked in with our product management team, and they said that the pre-control chart is a feature that is used only be a few customers, and they all have some specific, near custom requirements.

It sounds like we are migrating that feature away from its current structure in the near future, and will allow more specific, custom forms for data gathering in a way that will replace and retire the pre-control feature. They’re removing the link to that document for the time being to avoid confusion, but we will do our best to communicate how any new features work as they are released.

Hope that answers the question! Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

Cetec ERP Support

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