Prepay quote/order auto deposit

Hi there, once upon a time, when we would receive prepayments to quotes and orders, the system would automatically generate the deposit to the default GL account.
For some reason, as of around Nov. 20th, this is no longer happening.

While it does have some shortfalls, this was kind of nice not having to take an extra step and deposit these payments. Is this something I can change or fix from a setting on my end?

Thank you

We are having the same issue.

No response from anyone at Cetec?

Hi @J_Ochs and @kali
Sorry for the slow reply. I believe that in the time since this topic was originally created we’ve addressed this by adding a “Close?” checkbox underneath the deposit dropdown so that the deposit will be closed once the payment is entered.

Let us know if you have any other issues with it!

That’s nice for manually entered payments.
I guess we’ll have to still manually finish deposits that come in through our API.

Any chance there is or can be a way to set that as a default selection?

We checked with our engineers about this, and they said that you should be able to “pass a close_deposit in the API and it should close it.”

Give that a shot, and let us know if hat doesn’t work for some reason.


Hello, we’ve been trying to work this out, but since there are a few details missing from your statement regarding the close_deposit.
They really need to give us more info as I have no idea which API end point handles AR payments to process deposits.

Can this statement be added to the existing string where the quote/deposit is generated, or will it need to be an entirely separate script just to close a deposit?

Hey Jared,

So, if you are using the API the only one that can create orders is the /api/importjson documented here

You’ll need to know which payment_type_id you are going to use. That can be found in the - it is under the id. This will determine the prepayment type and you’ll need to pass the prepayment_amount.

If all the necessary parameters are there then it will create a deposit and if you pass the closed_deposit then that particular deposit will closes.

I hope that helps,

How do you pass the ‘closed_deposit’ field? - Do I add ‘true’ or ‘Yes’ or ‘1’?

It should just be a 1, but let us know if that gives you any trouble.