Pricing Qty Breaks for specific customers

Is there a way to create resale Price Breaks for special customers with pricing variation based on quantity?

Maybe you could create it on the “pricing” page (…/part/11/pricing) and similar to your “cost break” for Vendor, you can do a “Resale Qty Break” for a customer and capture that info here??

@regisphilbin We do have something similar, though because it’s for resale and not purchasing it functions slightly differently and there are a couple of extra steps required in order to set it up.

This article should be able to guide you through that set up and how to establish pricing rules per customer: How To Add Pricing Rules per Business Type

so I think I understand that part but can you also create Qty price breaks on the resale side? Ie, with specific customer, we want to shift the 1-9 qty, 10-24 qty, etc pricing to some (arbitrary) value… i don’t see a field for the qty…

Hey Regis,
The closest option we have available at this time would be to create your Resale Qty Breaks for all customers, then provide flat additional flat discounts for the part(s) for the customer in question from the Pricing Rule page.

We unfortunately don’t have the ability to provide different customers different pricing with the Qty Breaks specific need thrown in.

How much is this coming up for you?