Problem with calculating correct cost

We are having an issue with a part not calculating correctly on a BOM worksheet. The following is a link to the part.

This part is $32.77 per cartridge. To calculate the cost per assembly, we set the BOM quantity to 0.005 each. However, although the cost appears correct based on this quantity, the Material Total is extremely high - essentially it is adding the total cost of one tube per assembly, which is incorrect.

I’m wondering if it is a problem with the Prcpart itself or with the BOM quantity we are adding to the worksheet. This problem didn’t happen until the last, recent update.

Hi Steven,

Thank you for providing the url. I’ll take a look into this for you and be in touch again shortly.

Cetec ERP Support


I am looking over this part and can see in this TLA, Cetec ERP a qty of 1 is used in the completion of this bom. Is a whole cartridge used or is .005 used per qty of 1 of your top level bom.

Do you have an example where the material(s) are showing too high?

This was related to another issue we were having in which in your engineering team installed a fix last night and the matter has been resolved.

You may consider this matter closed / cancelled.

Thank you!