production line issue

I just converted quote 20211 to order 20211.1. All of the prodcution line changed to “Artos wire processing” After the order was converted.

it is currently set to "long Table

quote is also set to “long table”

but after order conversion it was automatically changed to something different.

Please fix this bug as this is how the production employee knows where and to what department the work order goes to.

This has been happens with almost all work orders.

@ElectricalAccess Hey Joe,
Not totally sure how/why, but if you look at the quote (…/quote/20211/view) all the lines have their prod line set to Artos already. Because that is set on the line level of the quote, that overrides the defaults of the build defaults and tempbom.

Any idea how that got set on those quote lines?

i do not know how this got set but i can tell you it started with the release a few weeks ago. i just haven’t had time to email you guys the problem. Can you please fix this so it doesn’t happen anymore? It really causes chaos on the production floor because the inventory room is taking orders to the wrong work locations.