production line issue

I just converted quote 20211 to order 20211.1. All of the prodcution line changed to “Artos wire processing” After the order was converted.

it is currently set to "long Table

quote is also set to “long table”

but after order conversion it was automatically changed to something different.

Please fix this bug as this is how the production employee knows where and to what department the work order goes to.

This has been happens with almost all work orders.

@ElectricalAccess Hey Joe,
Not totally sure how/why, but if you look at the quote (…/quote/20211/view) all the lines have their prod line set to Artos already. Because that is set on the line level of the quote, that overrides the defaults of the build defaults and tempbom.

Any idea how that got set on those quote lines?

i do not know how this got set but i can tell you it started with the release a few weeks ago. i just haven’t had time to email you guys the problem. Can you please fix this so it doesn’t happen anymore? It really causes chaos on the production floor because the inventory room is taking orders to the wrong work locations.


It looks like there was a bug around quote prod lines, but we’ve since corrected it, and in testing it appears things should be working as expected for you now. Can you test and let us know if you’re still having trouble with this on new quotes/orders?

i just put new orders in and still doing the same thing. Doesnt appear to be fixed.

Here is 1 example

We’re still having trouble reproducing the issue to be able to see what might be happening. Can you talk us through the steps from quote creation through order commission that resulted in that order?

For example, the steps we tested (that appear to be working as expected):

  • create a new quote
  • enter customer and PO#
  • use the quick add to put J9745W-3 on a line
  • confirm in quotebom that Prod Line was correct (was set to SIMPLE… in this case)
  • commit order
  • Ordline was still set to correct Prod Line
  • Double checked Quote after committing order, quote shows prod line as unset, meaning the system is applying default logic to the prod line

Using the steps above, does the problem still happen on your end? If so, let us know, and we’ll have to investigate what’s different on your end versus ours. If not, where is the quote entry process you’re using different than what we’re testing that might be overwriting the prod line at some point?

we do not use the quick add. We use add a line

On the quote, when adding the line, are you able to see whether or not the prod line is getting set or does it stay blank/unset?

artos is top on the list and it is defaulting to that. Why is that overwriting the master setting? Seems like that is an issue

Thanks for clarifying that Joe. This was definitely the detail that we were missing in testing this previously.

Let us get someone from our engineering team to take a look at this, and we’ll get back to you about it as soon as we can.


Just following up on this to see if you have a fix for the issue. We still experience this issue everyday.

@ElectricalAccess Hi Joe,

We’re still working on this with our engineering team, and will update you here as soon as we can.


We have a fix in process for this. It is running through some internal testing now but should be pushed out to you sometime next week.

Thanks for your patience here.

Thank you. Look forward to seeing it