Production/Order List View

After the 3.11.1 update, the default sort order has changed to Work Start Date instead of Ship Date. Is there a way to switch it back?

@Andy The sorting on most reports in the system is controlled on a user by user basis. Meaning you should be able to run the report and the sort as desire by clicking the column headers. After you’ve got it sorted the way you want, the next time you visit that page/report it should save the sorting preference from your last visit.

One thing to note is that, depending on which column is currently being used to sort currently, the first click of the header may not appear to have any affect because the first click of a new column causes it to sort by ascending (oldest to newest in this case) and then you have to click again to change the order to descending.

We logged in to your environment and impersonated you, we were able to sort the production order list without any problems. Let us know if that isn’t working for you!

OK Great! That makes sense!