Progress invoice ID

When I create a progress invoice out of a Booked order, the progress invoice number does not match the Sales Order Number. Whereas, then i normally create an invoice upon shipping items, the invoice number shares the same ID on the PDF as the Sales Order (even though it has a invoice index of something else).

For example, i have sales order 654.1. When i create an invoice, it shows 654.1-1 on the invoice even at the HTTPS id shows that it is invoice 297. Later in the week, i create a progress invoice on 654.1 and the progress invoice PDF shows invoice 310-0 and has no apparent link to the sales order 654.1 from the view of my customers.

The progress booking PDF looks like it pulls from the “invoice index” rather than from the Sales Order number. This makes it hard for customers to connect the dots or to explain to their financial auditors.

The progress invoice PDF should display and use the same sales order number indexing scheme as a shipment invoice.

Thanks for the question Greg!

I don’t know offhand what the reasoning behind the progress invoice numbering is, there very well may be a technical reason for it to be set the way it is currently.

Let me talk to our. engineers and see if I they might be able to provide some insight in to the situation.

Hi Greg,
Engineering came back with a more minor change that they hope will solve this issue.

Rather than re-numbering the Invoices (which they were unwilling to do at this point), they’ve opted to put a line below the Invoice Number on Progress Invoices that includes the Order that invoice is linked to.

I think this will solve your customers’ confusion on the Invoice Document.

That change should be out in your 3.8 environment in the next week or two.