The project is taking a while to load. We have meetings and sometimes we waste 30 mins of the time opening and closing the projects and it sit there for minutes to load. Can you guys help speed up this process?
Thank you

@rcheremeh Thanks for sending this in.
We will do some investigating and see if there’s anything that can be done to speed up that page a bit.
One strong recommendation here would be to start using the new version of the list, you should find that it is much quicker than the old version.
You can either:

  1. Change the "Use New Lists’ config setting to 1, so that all the lists that have new versions will default to using the new versions in the navigation bar
  2. Save a direct link to the new project list as a bookmark in either your Cetec profile or your browser: Cetec ERP
    We will let you know here if we have any additional information or follow up questions for you about the old version.
    Thank you!

thank you very much
I will try the new version config setting and see

Sounds good! Just a note, you will have to log out/back in to rebuild the navigation menu with the new links after changing that setting. Until then you will still see the old links.

thank you again this made a huge difference lol
Its like night and day for sure

You’re welcome!
Glad the new list is working well for you. If you do run in to any functionality on this (or any of the) new lists, please let us know so we can be sure to address it ASAP.

Can you take a look at Project 4? That is the only one that is slow right now.

@rcheremeh I didn’t look at your other projects, but that one specifically has tons of data linked too it (i.e. hundreds of pquote/quote lines, invoices, etc), and that combined with the number of calculations that happen on the fly on that page are bound to cause it to load slowly.

Our engineering team will be taking a pass at trying to do some optimization there, looking for anything egregious that might be causing unnecessary slowness, but no guarantees that there will be any huge change there.

I can tell you that the project edit page is one that is in line to be updated with a new version, and we expect that new version will be much more performant than the current. While we don’t have a defined timeline at this time, keep an eye out for that new version in the coming months and give it a try once it’s available!

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