Pull-down menu changed to text box

It seems like this latest version 3.11 updated a few of the objects from pull down menus to text boxes…i’m noticing it on these 2 pages (that i’m aware of)

the “User Field” on this page (… /otd/reports/work_list)
the “Inspector” field on this page. (… /otd/order/5432/inspection)

Any specific reason? would it be possible to return these to pull-down menu objects?

If you start typing the name of the user it will return all matches and then you can select the user from the subset returned. I find it actually faster than scrolling down a long list in a drop down.

True. It seems to work well enough. Maybe it was the change in interface that caught users off-guard…

As @robinl mentioned, you should be able to use those fields as search boxes, if you begin typing the desired name/user there it will list the relevant results and you can click the correct one from that list.

In general it is likely a faster way to navigate those filters, especially in something like the users on the view work page where you may have dozens of users and could easily miss the one you’re looking for in a dropdown list.