Purchasing Delegation of Authority

We want to create a workflow for Purchasing based on PO value. This is a fairly typical ‘delegation of authority’ tactic to limit the liability an employee can approve without seeking higher approval.

I don’t see don’t see a structure to setup Buyers with a limited PO value above which would require a higher level of authority–
e.g. junior buyer has a $10,000 limit authority above which requires approval by
senior buyer has $50,000 limit authority above which requires approval by
VP has $100,000 limit above which requires approval by President. etc.

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Right now we only have one level of approval available, and it’s done using config settings:

We’ve passed along your question to our development team for evaluation to consider adding in the future.


Thank you. In the interim, is the config setting to force Pquote approval routing and the setting codes:


1 = no approval routing required
0 = approval routing required

That’s correct

Are the inputs to this variable $ (or the default currency)

If this was set to $500.00, for example, Pquotes would only require approval when converting to a PO if the value were over $500.00?

And is this enforced if the “Pquote_no_approval_required” is set to 1 or does the approval limit $ threshold take precedence?

I couldn’t find documentation on these variables easily and the notes were not self-explanatory in the configuration notes. What we found was:

“PQuote_Approval_Anyone_If_Under_Value” is dependent on “pquote_no_approval_required”

The “PQuote_Approval_Anyone_If_Under_Value” value threshold is only applied if "pquote_no_approval_required” is set to 0.

Thanks for playing with it to nail that down, hopefully anyone else that comes across this post will benefit from your work there.

We’ll also pass this along to our product team and let them know some clarification is needed in the definitions for those settings.