Purchasing from multiple vendors

How am I able to select which vendor I would like to buy from when I am purchasing a off the shelf component?
Example: Lets say I have a single part I need to purchase and 3 vendor I can purchase it from. Each vendor has a unique OEM part number.
How would I set it up so I can select which vendor I want to purchase the single part from and have the associated OEM number added to the PO?
Everything I read talks about assigning a preferred vendor, something we currently use, but a lot of times due to lead times and component stock issues, we need to pick from a list of others suppliers to purchase the item from.


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The best way to handle this type of situation (thank you for the description by the way; that was very helpful!) would be to use vendor part crosses. Here’s more information on how to set these up and then how to use them in terms of your purchasing process:


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I understand how to set up the crossparts but still not sure how to use them.
Here is a clip from our MRP.
It shows that we have crosspart vendors for the part. How do I select the vendor I want to use?

Here’s a quick walkthrough of how to create a pquote after looking up the crosses on MRP, as you were in your screenshot: https://www.iorad.com/player/2291851/For-Forum-Ticket–Purchasing-from-multiple-vendors-

In short, rather than clicking on one of the vendors in that list, you’d note the vendor, and then create a pquote for that part with that vendor.

Hope that helps!

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