Purchasing Hold

Is there a good way to flag a part for purchasing hold?

Hi Greg!

Unfortunately I don’t believe there is any kind of part-level hold flag that would engage restrictions for pQuote or Purchasing transactions, that is not currently supported in the software.

I have an idea for a work around that might help your problem (or might not!) - what if you went to the Part Inventory record (go to the part page, click the Pencil icon on the warehouse view). You’ll find a field called “Purchasing MOQ”. If you put in an extremely large number there, like 1000000, that will block any pQuote / PO transaction for that part number unless the Qty being ordered is higher than 1000000 (which would obviously be rare). You would of course have to instruct your buyer that, if they see this flag/error, it means the part has been put on hold.

Bit of a work around, but it might do the trick. Good luck!

Hi Greg and Cetec,
Could you use the ECO module to put a hold on transactions?
We use ECO hold for standard production parts. I am unsure about its use with parts on order.


I need this functionality too as sometimes my vendors encounter a shortage in their supply chain and give me an indefinite hold on our PO with them, it would be helpful to be able to use the similar “On Hold” feature that highlights the Sales Order line in the waterfall as Orange to be able to see supply signal Holds as well.