Purchasing of synonym or cross parts

We have parts that have synonym parts and others that have cross parts.
If a part has a synonym associated with it, that part will be flagged when MRP is ran.
The parts that have cross parts associated with them are not flagged when MRP is ran.
With that being said, is there a way to select which synonym part we want to purchase and is there a way to know if the part has a cross part associated with it in the MRP screen.
Being able to select the synonym or cross part will allow us to order that part from the vendor we chose in the MRP screen.



If you click the blue info button, it does show that parts part crosses:

Here is a support doc talking about synonym parts, How To Use Part Synonyms in Cetec ERP

Let me know if the above document answers your MRP question (the last paragraph on that doc) or if you have more questions.


Cetec ERP Support

The issue we are having is, when the MRP is ran there is no notification that indicates a part has cross part attached to it. The other is once you open the blue info button and verify it has cross parts attached, the operator cannot select which of the part they would like to order.
Example: We have a part that can be purchased from five different vendors. Each vendor has its own order number. When we run MRP we would like it to have an indicator that the part has cross parts attached to it and to be able to select the vendor we want to purchase from and have it added into the MRP so when we create a PQuote for the vendor it is added.

With the part synonyms there is a indication under the part when in the MRP screen but not the pick part screen of a work order. It still does not give a way to select which item to order in the MRP.

When picking parts an indication that a item has a synonym part would be very helpful and allowing one to be changed while picking would be a time saver.

Knowing and selecting cross parts and synonym parts are all done manually which is time consuming and prone to inaccuracies.

Is there a better approach to this.


So I think the approach you are wanting is using part spec groups instead of part crosses.

With part spec groups, they will show on MRP and allow you to choose which alternative to purchase. There is also a config:

With this set, it will auto-swap your approved alternatives on orders to an alternative with inventory on hand (meaning the pick list will automatically call for the alternative on hand).

Let me know if I can clarify anything or if you have more questions.

I will give that a try.
Thank you.

What are the Part Spec Rules.
I have a part that we can either build in house or purchase.
In the part spec is shows the two are not equivalent based on the part spec rules.


The part spec rules are interchangeable parts, if you go about 30 seconds into this video it shows the rules being set up: How To Create Part Specification Groups For Material Substitution

Let me know if you have more questions on this.


Hi, I think I have it worked out for manufacturing and the equivalent parts.
I am still not clear on how to use it for Purchasing.
Lets say I have a single part I need to purchase and 3 vendor I can purchase it from. Each vendor has a unique OEM part number.
How would I set it up so I can select which vendor I want to purchase the single part from and have the associated OEM number added to the PO?

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