Purchasing Workflow

I didn’t find a good mapping of the Workflow buttons in the PQuotes to the “Workflow Maintenance” category names. Hopefully this is correct and helpful.

“Request Quote from Vendor” maps to “State : Pending Vendor”

“Submit for Approval” maps to “State : Pending Approval”

“Approve” maps to “State : Approved”

“(Reassign, Keep Working)” maps to “State : Working”

During the Pquote approval workflow, the approver can reject the approval and reroute back for additional work. To Whom the PQuote can be sent back for update and resubmit for approval is set by “State : Working (Approval Denied)”

Hey Greg,

It looks like you’ve mapped this workflow for PQuotes correctly from what I can tell. That workflow setup within your environment is pretty customizable and allows you to set those to your liking (name, etc).

Do you have any questions for me at this point regarding the workflow setup & any processes along with it that I could answer for you?

Cetec ERP Support

I’m good. just documenting things to try to help others in the forum out.