QOH not always correct on MRP

Just ran the MRP and it show a QOH for a part I knew we had 0 in stock. P/N 4455-00 shows 154 QOH


QOH is 0



This is appearing correctly to me now, but it may not have been right on your end if you hadn’t refreshed MRP or if allocation hadn’t run yet. You can check those by looking at these time stamps:


Cetec ERP Support

The product was sold on 5/12/2023 and the MRP was run on 5/15/2023


This is what MRP shows me in your system for this part, are these numbers correct?


Cetec ERP Support

yes that is correct now. Yesterday it still showed stock

We are still having issues with QOH in the MRP. This report shows 50 pieces on hand that was sold several weeks ago. When you pull up the item it shows QOH as 0, The part number is B71900ETP4DUH


When I pull up this part number on MRP impersonating your user I see this, is this correct? I see the MRP refresh done today was before allocation ran, which is why we encourage looking at the waterfall prior to buying, because until allocation is fully up to date the numbers can be off.