QOO is not showing right value

For some items QOO does not include open POs. Please have a look to below sample part numbers, each of them have open order but the QOO on the part info page show 0. This issue is causing confusion.
Please review and advice.

PN#EME13-0109A, QOO shows 0 while there are two open POs for total QTY 400ea

PN#EME13-0149B, QOO shows 0 while there are two open POs for total QTY 426ea

PN#EME13-0112A, QOO shows 0 while there is an open PO for total QTY 300ea

PN#EME13-0120A, QOO shows 0 while there is an open PO for total QTY 3000 ea


I am now seeing updated QOO for these parts that match the POs from the links. Do you still notice any discrepancies on your end?

Cetec ERP Support

No, it is not solved, if you look ate below link, open POs are around 800pc but QOO is showing 350.

I believe there are some more parts like this.
below is another one, there are 450pcs open POs but QOO is showing 200pcs

Please review and advice.
Thanks, Hadi

Is there any progress on this issue?
The system is not reliable with this problem, please review and let us know the result.

Thanks, Hadi

I’m still only seeing 350 open PO’s which corresponds to the QOO on the part record.

Can you send me a screenshot of what you are seeing on your end?

For PN#13-0109A, 10 days ago we received a batch of 450 pcs. Before receiving the total open POs were 800 but QOO was showing as 350. The reason you are not seeing the problem is delay in response and those 450pcs receiving.
This issue is happening when number of open POs for a part is more than 2 or 3.
At this time I do not have any sample to show but will provide the examples as soon as we face with another one.

My apologies for the delayed response. This sounds like a caching issue. Sometimes correct values do not automatically populate on the part record right away and the part needs to be recached in order to update. How long is this taking to populate?

If you scroll to the very bottom of the part record at the bottom right of the screen you will see a “Recache” button. However, you should not have to do this often, if at all. If this does not solve the issue in the future let us know!

Cetec ERP Support

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