Quote Line Bonus Columns

Hi Cetec,

I am adding bonus column fields for my quoting lines but they are only able to be turned on once the quote has been converted to an order.
Quote 900.1 has 3 lines.

  • When I select the +/- columns, I cannot turn on the bonus columns that I created.
  • Quote 900.1 has been converted to Order 900.1
    Order 900.1 has 3 lines
  • When I select the +/- columns, I can turn on the bonus columns that I created.

Why can I only turn on Quote Line bonus columns once they’ve been converted to an order, this doesn’t make any sense. Can you please fix this?

Thanks for the questions @spencer! Let us investigate this and see if we can figure out what the issue is.
We’ll update you if we find anything helpful here.

@spencer Looks like this isn’t a bug, just the way the quoting tool is written. There’s a ton of data that is editable on the quote lines, and it’s not possible for us to show and make editable each individual field for each line.

You can view the bonus column when you edit the line and show more options, it should show on both the quote PDF, and you should also be able to filter the quote list search by the bonus column if that box was selected on the bonus column table.

There is a long term plan to update the quoting tool, but currently there is no way to have quoteline bonus columns as visible columns on the quote screen.

I’m just confused as to why it’s not possible to show “Quote Line” bonus columns on the actual Quoting record but they’ll show up on an “Order” record.

That is confusing, agreed. And honestly, we don’t have a great answer for it.

The quoting tool was one of the first things built for Cetec as it exists now, bonus columns came much later. And because of the differences in the way the quoting tool works/was built, there’s no way to connect those bonus columns without a complete rewrite of the quoting tool.

Like I mentioned, this is something that is in the works for the future, but there’s no definitive timeline there. It’s a major update to one of the core functions of the system and will require tons of programming, testing, and validation.


Another Cetec moderator chiming in here…

Notably the quote line bonus columns are viewable if you are on the Quote List “View By Line”, if the bonus columns are marked as “searchable”.

They are also viewable on the quote PDF and the quote line edit.

To be clear they are only not visible on the Quote Line view itself.