Quote lines & information 'disappear' once confirmed to Order

We have a order on the system with one line invoiced. When clicking back into the quote there is no longer any information on the lines. Is there a copy of the quote PDF saved anywhere?

Hi Jade,

That’s definitely unusual, once a quote is committed there shouldn’t be anything that would affect the data short of reopening it and editing the quote.

Can you tell me what quote or order number you’re referencing so we can take a look at the data?

Also, it this the only quote/order that’s had this problem?

Cetec ERP Support


I think it’s possible you might have the “Show Open Lines” / “Show Closed Lines” dropdown toggled to “Show Open Lines”.

If you go to the quote, scroll down, and on the far right, you should see that toggle. Flip that to “Show Closed Lines” and they should reappear.

Let us know if that works!