Quote/OE - Not populating the PRC+PN Field

When searching/adding a part to a quote/customer order, the PRC+PN loads the part correctly - but there is no quantity showing and therefore cannot load the cost for a multiplyer or show OH inventory.

@justicebearing Not sure I understand what you mean here. When you add a PRCPart to a quote or order it should be pulling in the default cost and resale (as defined on the part record) to calculate ext cost/resale based on the qty you enter.

Can you walk us through what you’re doing here step by step so we can better understand what might be happening?

I agree wholeheartedly - I have never had this happen before where the information isn’t auto-filling.
Logged out & back in - no different than we have been doing for many years.

Is it just one part that’s having this issue?

Nope - All order entry

Interesting. Let us look in to that for you and see if we can figure out what’s going on. Do you have an example of a specific quote/order that’s had this issue?

@justicebearing We pulled a backup copy of your data in to a test environment, and aren’t able to reproduce the issue.

Any random selection of parts or goods we tried all pulled in the cost/reseal data to the quote.

The only time it didn’t was for parts that had no historical data to fill in

We’d love to continue helping you try to figure this out, but we’ll need some additional detail here.

Can you walk us through, step by step, how you’re adding the good to these quotes that aren’t pulling the data? Or give us an example of a quote you’ve made where it didn’t do that so we can see if it’s something specific to that quote, or part, or other object. Additionally, can you confirm that you’re using Chrome as your browser, and that everything there is up to date?