quote pdf alignment issue

starting today, the columns are in line with qty breaks.


see picture.

Please fix this so i can send quotes to customers

Hi @ElectricalAccess,

Can you elaborate on what you’re seeing here that doesn’t seem correct? I see that you’re using our default Quote PDF document, and the logic there that displays the qty breaks in that manner appears to have been unchanged for quite some time.

Is this the first quote you’ve had with Qty breaks? If you don’t want the breaks at all, you can edit the quote line and remove the breaks, which would also remove them from the PDF.

PLease let us know if you have additional questions or information about this.


i fix this one on my own. Your guys added a new column which when the box is checked throws off the column

Can you let us know which column it was that was messing with the alignment? We’d like to have our engineering team take a look and make sure we get that corrected on the default doc.

Thank you!


Thanks for clarifying that, we will have our engineers work on making sure that column doesn’t affect the surrounding columns’ alignment. The fix for the default version of the PDF will likely go out in the next couple of weeks, in the meantime hiding the MOQ column should correct it, as you found.