Quote Prepayment Failure (Freight Charge Cause)


I am adding a freight resale charge to my quotes to charge the customer for shipping and whenever I attempt to take a prepayment on the order at the quote stage, it says that I am overcharging and won’t let me process payment.

Order Resale is $100
Freight Resale Charge is $25
I attempt to prepay the amount of $125
Payment attempt denied because of “overpayment”

It seems that the Freight Resale charge is not being recognized at the quote level.

Can you investigate please

Hey Spencer,

I pulled a backup of your data within the system to test that issue you’re having regarding the overpayment being denied and was unable to reproduce the issue. I went through the quote stage like it was described above and could get that payment denial to occur.

Could you provide me a link to a specific example that’s denying the payment attempt because of overpayment so I can look into it for you and get that fixed?

Cetec ERP Support