Quote Questions

A lot of our quotes are more than 1 page. Is there a way to have the quote number show on all the pages? Also is there a way for the amount to show on the bottom page as well?

@kali We could probably get this to work for you by editing your custom doc quote template.

Can you clarify what amount it is you’re wanting to see on the bottom page? And do you mean the bottom of the last page, or the bottom of every page?

If you look at the pdf of a quote like this one Cetec ERP and you scroll down to the bottom, that is our “signature page”. A lot of times our customers send only this page back signed. There is nothing on this page indicating what quote it’s for or the amount they’re agreeing to pay.

Got it, thank you for clarifying. We’ll talk to our engineering team and see how long they think it would take to make those edits to your quote PDFs, and we’ll update you about it once we hear back.


@kali Our engineers said it would likely take around 2 hours (bill at actual) for those customizations, adding the quote number to each page and including the quote total at the bottom near the signature section.

If you want us to move forward with that, please reach out to sales@cetecerp.com and reference this forum topic, and they can help get the process going for you.